9 Ways To Burn More Calories Throughout Your Day

This is a guest article by Jentry Nielsen. She is a college student, along with being a fitness and health nut. She writes for NordicTrack Coupons. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

fitness model eatingWith summer right around the corner many of us are trying to shed those last few pounds to make sure we are swimsuit ready!

Yet I’m sure many of you didn’t think about having to be in your swimsuit 4 or 5 months ago, when it would have been easy to drop those last 5 pounds and tone up with so much time available.

Now, with only two months before summer hits, we’re all scrambling to make sure we get in as many hours as we can. But in reality, who has hours to spend in the gym every day?

Don’t you wish you could burn more calories throughout your day, without having to spend so much time in the gym or on your home treadmill?!

Well of course you do!

Tricks of the trade

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The trick is to speed up your metabolism throughout the day, and then at night you will continue to burn more calories at a faster rate.

Here are a few exercise tips to help you benefit more from your workouts:

  • Up the intensity. The higher the intensity, the higher the calorie burn you will receive from your workout. Makes sense right?! Not only will you be burning more calories in a shorter amount of time, but higher intensity workouts result in higher fat burn as well, especially post workout. Try a CrossFit workout, which is a high-intensity workout incorporating a unique blend of total body movements.
  • Use your WHOLE body. Going right along with CrossFit, using more of your body will burn more calories. While most cardio exercises usually only target your lower body, like the treadmill. But if you use the elliptical, and make sure to be holding on to those handlebars, you increase your calorie burn by using more muscle groups, without having to work out as long. Try some full body workouts to increase your calorie burn in a shorter amount of time.
  • Add intervals. This goes right along with upping your intensity. Instead of doing a continuous high-intensity workout, which can lead to fatigue, try switching it up. When you alternate between short bouts of very-high-intensity exercise with lower-intensity exercise, your body is able to process lactic acid build-up, therefore reducing fatigue. Intervals burn more calories and fat in a shorter amount of time than if you were to do a less intense, longer workout. Try switching up your next cardio session with 30 seconds going as hard as you possibly can to 60 seconds slower paced.
  • Add muscle. Cardio is great for burning calories during your workout, but incorporating strength training as well will help to burn calories even long after your workout is over. Compared with other tissues in your body, muscle has an extremely higher metabolic rate. Meaning it is working harder, burning more calories, to function day to day, even when you are not working out.

Even more fat burning boosts

Adding that muscle is going to help you increase your calorie burn throughout the day, even while you are not at the gym, but here are a few other tips that should help:

  • Walk more. Another weight loss tip that seems like common sense, but do YOU make sure you get in your recommended 10,000 steps a day? Wear a pedometer if you need to be held accountable for yourself. Take the stairs, park your car farther away, or try to walk around for the last 5 minutes of every hour. Take a stroll to get during your lunch break, even if it is only 10 minutes. Sitting for long periods of time, without any movement, will slow your metabolism. Every step counts to helping you get closer to that swimsuit body.
  • Drink up. And I mean water of course! But avoiding alcohol for the next few months will help to get your body ready for summertime. A German study found, “drinking water throughout the day caused metabolic rates to increase by about 30 percent”.
  • Eat more fiber. Not only does this help keep things running smoothly, but your body uses more energy to break down fiber-rich foods. Just make sure you are getting adequate water to help wash it all down.
  • Eat more protein. Along with eating more fiber, protein too burns more calories to digest. Protein has a higher thermogenic effect when digested/absorbed than carbohydrates or fat. In fact, some reports have stated that as much as 50% of the calories consumed as protein are “used” in the digestion/absorption process.
  • Sleep better. Multiple studies have proven that a poor night’s sleep caused people to not only eat poorly the next day, but to also to move less. While getting up early to fit in that workout is a great idea, make sure you are going to bed earlier as well to make up for it!

Make a conscious effort to move more throughout your day and with your movements, try tightening those muscles. Increasing your calorie burn and muscle building.

A ten minute walk during your lunch break may not seem worth it, but you can burn about 20-30 calories during those ten minutes. Add that up throughout the week and that’s 100-150 calories burned, all in only 10 minutes a day. This on top of all the other tips will only add up to even more. Every little movement you make will help you get closer to reaching your swimsuit body.

About Jentry Nielson

Jentry Nielsen is a fitness nut that writes about health and nutrition on her blog and for fitness recommends using a Nordictrack Elliptical to get and stay in shape!


  1. Nate says:

    Great post, Jentry! Interesting that a poor night’s sleep can result in poor eating habits.

    I’ve always heard that fiber is a good way to keep you metabolism in gear, but I’ll have to remember to drink more water.


  2. Just like what fat loss should be, simple and to the point. Great stuff. I especially like the reminder about sleeping better. I’ve had clients who did everything right except getting enough good sleep and they didn’t get as good of results as they could have if they would have just practiced some relaxation techniques and went to sleep earlier. No recovery, No results! Thanks for sharing and allowing me to comment.

  3. Paul says:

    Good advice on the elliptical. For someone who does not use one with moving handles, another good approach is to keep the hands OFF the handlebars, and to “run” at a fast pace (say, 150 strides per minute) to fast music. This not only burns more calories (than holding on) but helps promote balance — especially when you add backwards-striding as well.

    For a really great workout, though, I think the stepmill is tops. (It’s the escalator style.) You lift your own weight — it’s a real-world motion, too — the more weight you need to lose, the more calories you burn. And it is possible to do intervals on most stepmills. I used to love the elliptical but since I began the stepmill routine I rarely go back. I was talking with a trainer who worked with the Canadian Olympic women’s team from 2008 who opined that half an hour of climbing stairs — at any pace — is all you need to get into top shape and keep in shape — you can pretty much ignore all the other machines in the gym. It’s one tough machine!

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