How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack? (Reference Chart)

how long will it take to get six pack

Download the hi-res six pack timing chart.


This chart will give you are rough idea of how many weeks of dieting it will take you to get a six-pack (if you’re a man). It can also be used to work out how long it will take to reach a given body fat percentage.

It works regardless of your starting weight.

The numbers are based on a loss of 0.68% body weight per week – a steady and achievable target, taken from the thousands of case studies over at Precision Nutrition. It is assumed your six pack will be showing when you reach under 9.5% body fat, common for most men.

To use the chart you just need to know your current body fat percentage.


1. Find your current body fat percentage in one of the red boxes.

2. Follow that column down until you hit a green square.

3. Trace the row to the left to find out which week you’ll get a six pack.


Here are some examples using the six pack timing chart:

  • A man with a body fat of 12% will get a six pack in 6 weeks.
  • A man with a body fat of 15% will get a six pack in 12 weeks.
  • A man with a starting body fat of 20% will get a six pack in 23 weeks.
  • A man with a body fat of 25% will get a six pack in 34 weeks.
  • A man or woman with a starting body fat of 20% can get under 15% body fat in 11 weeks.


The chart is by no means perfect and only designed to give you are rough estimate of how long it takes to get a six pack. Be aware that:

  • No loss of lean mass is factored in. This is not so much of a problem, as will a solid diet muscle mass loss should be minimal anyway.
  • You must follow a controlled diet and reach a single digit body fat % for your abs to show. Doing thousands of crunches will not work. For more info take a look at my recommended diet plan for fat loss.


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