One Habit You Must Quit To Lose Massive Amounts of Weight

fat loss habitI followed my healthy eating rules.

I spent 1.5 hours at the gym.

I ate enough vegetables to feed a herd of mountain goats.

The next day I stepped on the scales and was heavier.

Geez – if anything makes you want to quit losing fat when you’ve done everything right, then weight increasing is it.

The devil ISN’T in the details

Look at my 6 month weight loss graph during my 2011 fat loss challenge.

26 week fat loss graphNotice anything odd?

Some days I gained up to 3kg (7 pounds) in weight overnight.

But did I freak out? Did I go back to my old ways of eating? Did I quit?

Hell NO.

Despite these fluctuations I went on to lose 23 pounds in 26 weeks.

Your weight will zig-zag all over the place due to overeating on holidays, falling off the wagon, and gorging yourself after a rough day.

But ultimately you will achieve your aim if you a good most of the time and break this habit…

The habit you must break

To lose large amounts of fat you must break the habit of freaking out when your weight increases instead of decreases.

Memorise this: “Just because the reading on the scales has increased, it doesn’t mean I have gained fat.”

Say it to yourself over and over.

Body weight fluctuation is natural. It is caused by so many factors: how much you ate the day before (not calories, but physical weight of food), how much water you drank, how much salt you ate, how much exercise you did and more.

The sooner you stop fretting over daily weight increases (and decreases) the sooner you’ll be on your way to a leaner body.

You’ll feel more relaxed, more confident that the approach you are taking is working. You won’t quit and you’re more likely to achieve results because you stuck with your plan.

Stop fretting, start losing

  • Learn why your body weight fluctuates daily. It’ll put your mind at rest that you haven’t gained 2 pounds of fat overnight.
  • Weigh yourself weekly, not daily. You’re more likely to panic if your doing it everyday. You’ll be blinded by the number and won’t be able to get it out of your head. You’ll think about it all day, try and eat less, and end up scoffing your face by bedtime as a result.
  • Accept daily weight fluctuations happen. They are part of dieting. Your weight will sometimes increase for no reason you can think of. Ignore this and stick to your plan.
  • Assess yourself every two weeks. As long as the trend is downwards, you’re doing great. Take a look at my weight loss graph above again to see what I mean.
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